Ordinances for the Town of Florence
Confidentiality of Income and Expenses provided
to Assessor for Assessment Purposes
Ordinance No. 10-23-00A
Passed on the 23rd day of October 2000

This ordinance adopts by reference Wisconsin Statue Sec 70.47 (f) (af).   Income and expense information provided by the property owner to an assessor for the purposes of establishing the valuation for assessment purposes by the income method of valuation shall be confidential and not a public record open to inspection or copying under Sec. 19.35 (1) of Wis. Statutes.

Ordinance to Appoint Alternate Members for the Board of Review
Ordinance No. 10-22-12
Passed on the 22nd day of October 2012

WHEREAS, sec 70.47(6m)(c) authorizes the appointment of alternate members to serve on the board of review when standing members are removed from individual cases;
NOW THEREFORE the Town Board of Florence, Florence County does ordain as follows:

Pursuant to Section 70.47(6m)(c) and Sec 70.46(1) of Wis. Statutes the town hereby provides for the appointment of alternates to serve on the town board of review in the event a standing board member of the board of review is removed or unable to serve for any reason.

The following electors of the town of Florence are hereby named as alternates in the order indicated to serve as alternate board of review members:

Alternate 1: Current Deputy Clerk/Treasurer
Alternate 2: Brent Dallagrana                      
Alternate 3:
Alternate 4:
Alternate 5:

The appointments made in this ordinance are for the 2012 Board of Review proceedings and for succeeding years until replacement alternates are required or such appointments are rescinded by action of the town board and effective upon posting as provided by law.
The Town of Florence adheres to and complies with the ordinances of Florence County.  Listed below are brief summaries of the additional ordinances specific to the Town of Florence.  Copies are available to download when indicated. If you are interested in obtaining a complete copy of an ordinance, please contact the Town Office.
Create a Town Plan Commission
Ordinance No. 07-27-09
Passed on the 27th day of July 2009

The purpose of this Ordinance is to establish a Town of Florence Plan Commission and set forth its organization, powers, and duties, in order to further the health, safety, and general welfare of current and future Town residents.

The Great American Disposal Company
Effective January 1, 2010, the Town of Florence and The Great American Disposal Company, by mutual consent, are extending the existing Refuse Contract that expires on 12/31/09, for an additional 60 months.

Signed 12-17-2009

Steber Seed Farms
Fork Lift @ $20.00 / month

Town of Florence will provide fuel and general maintenance while this agreement is in effect.
Rental period begins on August 1, 2009 and payments will be made quarterly to Steber Seed Farms.

Signed 12-14-2009

Town of Commonwealth and the Town of Florence for Truck Equipment/Rental and Labor Fees
The Town of Commonwealth is willing to rent to the Town of Florence a late model Tandem Axle Truck (50,000#'s & over) with plow, underbody and snow wing and a 1-Ton Chevrolet Stake Body Truck (GVW less than 13,000#'s), with the following conditions. . .

Signed 10-23-2006 Commonwealth
Signed 11-13-2006 Florence

Winter Sand Pit Agreement
Whereas, the township of Florence, a township located in Florence County is wanting to work and share services with Florence County Highway Department for obtaining sand for winter purposes only.

Whereas, the Florence County Highway Department, by its Commissioner Jeff DeMuri, is wanting to work and share services with township of Florence for obtaining sand for winter purposes only.

Signed 09/28/2009

Land Use Agreement
This agreement made this 3rd day of December 1999, by and between the State of Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (Owner), and the Town of Florence (Permittee), to enter upon and use the following described area located in Florence County, Wisconsin.  More fully described.
Bass Island (Bacco Island).  Spread Eagle Chain of Lakes
for the purpose of Bass Island management plan implementation.  In order to accomplish this purpose the Permittee intends to maintain the items on the above-described land:

This agreement shall be in effect for a period commencing the 3rd day of December 1999, and end the 30 day of December 2009, for a rental fee of $1.00.  Payment for the above will be made at time of signing.

American Legion
Re:  Use of Community Center
It is hereby agreed by both parties named that in consideration of the payment of $20,000 to the Town of Florence, the American Legion, Post 211, of Florence, Wisconsin, shall have a home for as long as the Legion Post is in operation and holding duly authorized meetings.  This shall be free of charge for legion functions.

It is further agreed that. . .

Signed 09/13/1993

Exclusive Gravel, Sand, Rock or Quarry Lease with Option to Renew
Agreement made this 30th day of September, 2008, between 701 Investments, LLC, A Michigan Corporation/GILLETT CONCRETE PRODUCTS, INC., a Wisconsin Corporation herein referred to as Lessor, and THE TOWN OF FLORENCE, a municipal corporation and a sub-governmental unit of the sovereign state of Wisconsin, herein after referred to as Lessee.

The Lessee herein acknowledges that Lessor has an exclusive gravel sand, rock or quarry lease with Midwest Asphalt and Gravel, Inc.  (Kevin Romitti); however, the Lessor herein does also hereby and herein give and grant to the Lessee, the exclusive right to dig, quarry, crush and remove gravel, sand or rock or other fill material from the premises described as follows, to wit:

Signed 11-06-2008
Emergency Services
Election Day Contingency Plan
The purpose of this Election Day Contingency Plan is to ensure that effective preparations are made by local election officials in order to maintain the integrity of the election process.  This plan addresses how to prepare for, manage, and mitigate, and recover from a sudden unexpected event that may disrupt the continuity of Election Day.  This plan should be reviewed annually as part of the election worker training to maintain relevance and to keep election personnel current on emergency procedures.

Financial Procedures
Alternative Claims Procedure
This ordinance is adopted pursuant to the authority granted town boards under s.60.44(2), Wis. Stats. which allows for the adoption of an alternative claim procedure for approving financial claims against the town which are in the nature of bills and vouchers.

Signed 01/11/2010

Firearms & Non-Firearms
Ordinance No. 41
An ordinance to regulate the use of firearms, BB guns,
sling-shots, and other small dangerous weapons in the Town of Florence.

Signed 11/27/1967

Designating Frog Lake As A No-Wake Lake
Whereas, Wisconsin Statue 30.635 prohibits motorboats from
operating in excess of slow-no-wake speed on lakes 50 acres or less and having public access;

And Whereas. . .

Signed 05/22/1989

Town  of  Florence
Ordinance #4-26-10
Exemption to the 100’ Slow-No-Wake Restriction

Under the authority of ss 30.66(3)(ag)2, A SOLE ORDINANCE TO provide an exemption from the no-wake speeds, as defined in ss 30.66(3)(ag)1. This exemption applies only in the channels between lakes upon the waters of the Spread Eagle Chain of Lakes.

Licenses & Regulations
Ordinance No.  4-26-04
Whereas, the provision of cable services are a critical service for many Town of Florence residents and the public at large; and

Whereas, provision of cable services necessitates and agreement for use of Town right-of-way between the Town and all cable service providers; and

Whereas. . .

Signed 04-26-2004

Prohibiting Issuance of Alcohol Beverage Licenses For
Nonpayment of Taxes, Assessments and Claims
Ordinance No. 67
License Restrictions--delinquent taxes, assessments, etc.
No initial or renewal of alcohol beverage license shall be granted for any premises for which taxes, assessments or other claims of the Town are delinquent and unpaid.

Signed 05/25/1983

Establishing Fees for Operators' (Bartender's) License
The fee for an operator's (bartender's) license shall be twenty dollars
($20.00) per year and shall be issued for one year and shall expire on June 30
of the year for which it has been issued.

Signed 06/10/2002

Fermented Malt Beverages and Intoxicating Liquor
Ordinance No.  04/10/2000
Sec. 1 Qualifications of Applicants and Premises
Sec. 2 Investigation
Sec. 3 Approval of Application
Sec. 4 Granting of License
Sec. 5 Revocation and Suspension of Licenses; Non-Renewal
Sec. 6 Non-Alcohol Events for Underage Persons on Licensed Premises
Sec. 7 Transfer and Lapse of License
Sec. 8 Numbering of License
Sec. 9 Posting License; Defacement

Signed 04/10/2000
Prohibiting Excessive Noise
Ordinance No:  08-28-00

The following words, terms and phrases, when used in this Ordinance, shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section, except where the context clearly indicates a different meaning.  All terminology used in this Ordinance, not defined as follows, shall be in conformance with applicable publications of the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) or its successor body.

A-weighted sound level means the sound pressure level in decibels as measured on a sound level meter using the A-weighting network.  The level so read is designated dB (A) or dBA.

Decibel (db) means a unit of measuring the volume of sound.

Noise disturbance means any sound which endangers or injures the safety or health of humans or animals, or exceeds the maximum permissible sound levels of this Ordinance.

Sound level meter means an instrument which includes a microphone amplifier, RMS detector, integrator or time averager, output meter, and weighting networks used to measure sound pressure levels.

Violation of Ordinance; penalties. . . .

Signed 08/28/2000
Non-Discrimination for Town Employment
Ordinance No. 07-10-73

All qualified applicants for any Town of Florence employment will receive consideration for appointment without regard to race, religion, color, sex, national origin, political affiliation, or any other non-merit factor.

Signed 07/10/1973

Equal Opportunities for Housing

An ordinance to guarantee the right of all persons to have equal opportunities for housing regardless of their sex, race, color, physical condition, developmental disability as defined in s.51.01 (5), Wisconsin Statutes, sexual orientation as defined in s.111.32 (13m), religion, national origin or ancestry.

Signed 12/28/1987
Defining & Prohibiting Public Nuisances
Ordinance No. 10-23-00
Amended 04-11-11

(A.) PUBLIC NUISANCE; GENERAL. A public nuisance is an object, act, occupation, condition or use of property which is dangerous or has the potential to be dangerous to human life or health, safety or welfare, or cause the depreciation of property values; and whatever renders or has the potential to render the soil, air, water, or any article of food or drink unwholesome or impure and which shall continue for such length of time as to:  (1) substantially annoy, injure or endanger the comfort, health, repose or safety of the public; (2) in any way render the public insecure in life or in the use of property; (3) unlawfully and substantially interfere with, or obstruct, or tend to obstruct or render dangerous for passage any street, alley, highway, navigable body of water or other public way or the use of public property.



The title of this ordinance is the Town of Florence Dogs Running at Large Ordinance.  The purpose of this ordinance is to regulate, by tag and penalty, the care, treatment and control of dogs in the town.

Adopted this 23rd   day of August,  2010.
Dispensing with Town Treasurer's Surety Bond to County Treasurer
Ordinance No. 61

Section 1. The Town Treasurer of the Town of Florence shall not be required to give bond to the County Treasurer pursuant to the provisions of Section 70.67 (1).

Section 2. The Town of Florence shall obligate the Town to pay, in case the treasurer thereof shall fail to do so, all taxes of any kind required by law to be paid by the Town Treasurer to the County Treasurer pursuant  to the provisions of Section 70.67(2) of the Statutes.

Signed 12/10/1979
Town of Florence, Wisconsin
Policies & Procedures
Purchasing Procedure
In an effort to clarify the purchasing of parts and/or supplies, the following guidelines are to be followed. . .

Signed 12/14/2009

Personal Tools Policy
Personal tools have been and continue to be the responsibility of the owner of the tool. . . .

Signed 12/14/2009

Guidelines for Highway Superintendent Position
The following are the guidelines approved by the town board for the highway superintendent position. . .

Approved at the May 7, 2007 Town Board Meeting
Amended at the December 29, 2009 Town Board Meeting

Job Description for Working Foreman
Purpose of Position:
To supervise daily operations of all town employees engaged in road construction, general maintenance projects and winter snow plowing.

Fundamental Job Duties and Responsibilities. . .

Sanding/Salting Private Driveways
The Town of Florence will no longer sand or salt any business properties or private driveways.  This policy was put in place because the Town's salt quota will be cut if we transfer any to a third party.  Also, if the Town sands/salts one business we would naturally be obligated to afford the same service to any other business which could turn into a substantial amount.  The Town's first responsibility is to Town roads.

Dated:  05/25/2009

Equipment Policy
This document has been prepared to set the policy concerning the renting out or lending of Town equipment.

From this date forward Town of Florence equipment will not be rented out or loaned to any company, business or individual. . .

Dated:  March 9, 2009

Personnel Policy
This document has been prepared to inform all Town employees of their privileges and obligations as employees of the Town of Florence.  The following policies will explain what will be provided in the way of benefits and also what the Town will expect in the way of job performance, safety and loyalty.  The manner in which an employee works, conducts himself/herself and appears is a direct reflection on the Town.

Definition of Employees. . .
Probationary Employment Period. . .
Working Hours. . .
Overtime. . . .
Attendance. . .
Safety. . .
Smoke-free Workplace. . .
Use of Town Telephones & Cell Phones. . .
Paid Holidays. . .
Vacation. . .
Sick Leave. . .
Sick Leave Bank. . .
Workman's Compensation/Other Insurance. . .
Funeral Leave. . .
Jury Duty. . .
Emergency Service. . .
Confidential Information . . .
Personal Vehicle Use for any Town Purposes Other than Training and Education. . .
Resignation-Retirement. . .
Suspension-Termination of Employment. . .
Grievance Procedure. . .
Discrimination. . .
Health Insurance. . .
Dental Insurance. . .
Wisconsin Retirement Fund. . .
Wages. . .
Drug and Alcohol Testing. . .
Training and Education. . .
Extended Training and Education. . .
Equipment Use Policy. . .

Adopted January 2008

Affirmative Action Program
September 10, 1990 - September 9, 1991
It is the fundamental policy of the Town of Florence to provide equal opportunity to all its employees and applicants for employment, and to assure that there will be no discrimination against any persons on grounds of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, handicap, age, physical condition, developmental disability, sexual orientation, or veteran status.

This obligation extends to all areas of employment including, but not limited to, the following:  recruitment or recruitment advertising placement, rates of pay or other forms of compensation pay, promotion, discipline measures, demotions, lay offs or termination, working conditions, training, award and benefits.  A copy of the Equal Opportunity Policy statement is posted on a conspicuous bulletin board in the office and each employee has a copy of the Affirmative Action program.

It is the goal of the Town of Florence to ensure adequate staff representation of minority group members and women in both the professional and nonprofessional categories.  Several techniques will be used to achieve this representation. . .

Policy Statement on Alcohol & Controlled Substances
The Town of Florence and the Florence Water & Light Commission share the concern over the growth of alcohol and substance abuse in American society.  The Township and Commission, in order to eliminate the safety risk which results from alcohol and substance abuse, and to comply with the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988, have established the following policy statement on alcohol and controlled substances.

Signed  09/10/1990

Mailbox Replacement Policy
The Town of Florence has adopted the following policy for mailboxes damaged
directly by Town of Florence Highway Department Crews.  This policy has been the practice
of the town for several years. . .

Signed 02/11/2013

Policy Regarding Tax Collections And Property Owners Paying In Cash
Pursuant to WI State Statute 60.34 the Treasurer collects tax payments, however the statutes
make no limitations as to where the Treasurer does the collecting. The Town Board of
Florence hereby adopts the following procedure when property owners choose to pay their
tax bills in cash. The following procedure will be at the Town of Florence
Treasurer's discretion. . .

Signed 02/11/2013

Public Records
Obsolete Town Records
Ordinance No.  8-24-87-4
Pursuant to the provisions of Section 19.21 of the Wisconsin Statutes, obsolete records of the Town of Florence, dated before 1980, will be destroyed. . .

Signed 08/24/1987
Sign Ordinance
Ordinance No.  7-8-96
The purpose of this Ordinance is to relieve a signage hardship placed upon business owners along the sidewalk portion of Central Avenue due to their business being located along U.S. Highway 2.  This ordinance is designed to assist and relieve business owners in the affected area from the increased regulations from being located along a U.S. Highway.  This ordinance will increase the opportunity to business owners along the affected area to better utilize the different types and methods of signs to increase the flow of business traffic and at the same time enhance the aesthetic beauty of the town's business district.

Signed 07/08/1996

Sign Ordinance Amendment
The Town of Florence, Florence County, Wisconsin, does ordain
and amend the Sign Ordinance No. 7-8-96 adopted on 07/08/1996 as follows:

To include in Section 4 of the sign ordinance paragraphs d and e specifically allowing the sidewalk portion of Central Avenue which abuts U.S. Highway 2 in the Town of Florence, the following. . .

Signed 10/14/1996

Stop Signs
Ordinance No.  5-8-95
An Ordinance providing for a stop sign at the east end of Pride Ave.

Signed 05/08/1995

Ordinance No. 10-27-97
That a stop sign shall be placed at the north end of Furnace St. where it intersects Olive Ave.  Olive Ave. will therefore be a through street.

Signed 10/27/1997

Ordinance No. 02-24-86-1
Olive Avenue at the intersection of Norway Street, is hereby designated as a 4-way stop.

Signed 02/24/1986

Ordinance No.  06-8-87-3
That a stop sign be placed on Cyclops Street where it intersects with Lake Avenue making Lake Avenue a through street.

Signed 06/08/1987
Streets, Roads & Alleys
Snowmobile Trail in Town
Ordinance No.  12-17-09
Statutory Authority.  Pursuant to Chapter 350 of Wisconsin Statutes, the Town Board of Supervisors of the Town of Florence, Florence County, Wisconsin designate Woodward Avenue (marked by green and white snowmobile signs) as a snowmobile route.

Signed 12/18/2009

Snowmobile Routes
Ordinance No. 72
An ordinance designating certain town roads, streets and alleys as snowmobile routes

Signed 01/09/1984

Snowmobile Routes - Amendment
Ordinance No. 72-A
An ordinance amending ordinance designating certain town roads, streets and alleys as snowmobile routes. . .

Section 1 of Ordinance 72 is amended to create the following. . .

Signed 01/14/1985

Snowmobile Access
Ordinance No. 2-10-97(1)
An ordinance to allow snowmobile access from a residence or residence and lodging establishment to a snowmobile route on trail in the Town of Florence, Florence County, Wisconsin for the 1997/1998 snowmobile season only and prescribing penalties for violation thereof.

Signed 11/10/1997

Ordinance No. 3-24-97
An ordinance to allow snowmobile access from residents to a snowmobile trail in the Town of Florence, Florence County, Wisconsin and prescribing penalties for violation thereof.

Signed 05/24/1997

Snowmobile Ordinance
State Snowmobile Laws adopted pursuant to Section 350.18.  The statutory provisions describing and defining regulations with respect to snowmobiles and traffic in the following enumerated sections of the Wisconsin Statutes, exclusive of any provisions therein relating to the penalties to be imposed or the punishment for violation of said statutes, are hereby adopted and by reference made a part of this chapter as if fully set forth herein.  Any act required to be performed or prohibited by any statute incorporated herein by reference is required or prohibited by this chapter. . .

Signed  12/17/1973

To Prohibit the Use of All Terrain Vehicles, Motorcycles and
Motor Bicycles on Certain Designated Property within the Township of Florence
Ordinance No.  9-24-90
The purpose of this ordinance is to ensure the safety of the public and prevent damage to the area now referred to as the Town of Florence Landfill.

Signed 09/24/1990

Driveway Ordinance
Ordinance No. 08-10-09
The purpose of this Ordinance is to regulate the establishment, construction,
improvement, modification or reworking of a driveway to assure that the site, method of
construction, and conservation practices used will promote the public health, safety,
and general welfare of the community, and to enforce the goals and policies set forth in the
Town of Florence land use plan or comprehensive plan.

Signed 08/10/2009

Providing for no Piling or Storing of Wood Products within the Boundaries
of Any Town Road Right of Way
Ordinance No.  6-24-91
No person, firm or corporation shall pile or store any wood products within the boundaries of any town road right of way.

Signed 06/24/1991

Naming of Bill Anderson Drive
Ordinance No. 3-8-99
Pursuant to the provisions of State Statutes 60.23(17) and 81.01(11), the Town Board
of the Town of Florence does designate as "Bill Anderson Drive" the street accepted by
the Town from the Florence County School District per Resolution 10-12-98. The legal
description of said street being as follows. . .

Signed 03/08/1999

Minimum Highway Design Standards
Ordinance  #05-24-2010(2)

STATUTORY AUTHORITY.  Pursuant to Section 82.50(1)(c) of Wisconsin Statutes the Town Board of Supervisors of the Town of Florence, Florence Co. WI do ordain as follows the minimum for town road standards:

The foregoing ordinance was adopted this 24th day of May, 2010

ATV & UTV Trail Routes
ORDINANCE  NO.  05-24-2010(1)
Amended to include UTVs on 10-22-12

STATUTORY AUTHORITY. Pursuant to Section 23.33 (8) of Wisconsin Statutes, the Town Board of Supervisors of the Town of Florence, Florence Co. WI  designate all town roads (marked with green signs) as all-terrain vehicle routes.  All alley-ways and portions of the following streets are also open as a means of traveling into and out of the village proper: Pewabic, Negaunee, Quinnesec, Furnace, Vulcan, Cyclops, Chapin, Norway, Woodward Ave. and Olive Ave.  (See attached map)

OPERATION & ENFORCEMENT.  Operation of vehicles on these designated ATV and UTV routes shall be in compliance with State Statute 23.33, Department of Natural Resources Wisconsin Administrative Code NR-64 and regulations as condition of vehicle license.  Enforcement authority is defined in State Statute 23.33 (12).

SPEED LIMITS.  Speed limits for vehicle operation on the designated routes shall be as follows:  10 mph for all alley-ways and streets in the village proper.

EFFECTIVE DATES. This ordinance shall take effect upon its passage, publication, notification of required law enforcement agencies and erection of designated roadway signs as provided by law.

All other ordinances designating ATV routes heretofore enacted by this board are hereby repealed.
The foregoing ordinance was adopted at a regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors, Town of Florence, held on  May 24, 2010.

Rescinding of 0.5% penalty on P.P. Taxes
Ordinance No.  11-10-97
Pursuant to the provisions of Section 74.47 of the Wisconsin Statutes, the Town Board of the Town of Florence does rescind the 0.5% per month penalty previously imposed on delinquent personal property taxes.

Signed 11/10/1997
Traffic Regulation
Parking Restrictions
Ordinance No.  27
No person shall stop or leave standing any commercial vehicle rated in excess of three-quarters of a ton, whether tended or unattended and whether temporarily or otherwise, in any of the following places. . .

Signed 07/22/1958

Ordinance No. 28
No person shall stop or leave standing any motor vehicle, whether tended or unattended, in excess of two (2) hours, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., from May 1st to December 1st of each year, in any of the following places. . .

Signed 05/10/1960

Ordinance No. 28-A
No person shall stop or leave standing any vehicle, whether attended or unattended and whether temporarily or otherwise, in any of the following places

Signed 12/10/1979

Ordinance No. 07-14-86-2
That no parking will be allowed on the West side of Pewaubic St. from the corner of Florence Avenue to Central Avenue.

Signed 07/14/1986

No Parking in front of the Senior Citizen's Center
Ordinance No. 64
No person shall stop or leave standing any vehicle, whether attended or unattended and whether temporarily or otherwise, in front of the Senior Citizens Center on Central Avenue, except for the senior citizens bus.

Signed 09/14/1981

Prohibiting the Use of Compression Brakes
Ordinance No.  7-25-94
An ordinance of the Town of Florence, Florence County, Wisconsin, prohibiting the use of compression brakes in the town except in emergencies; providing penalties therefore; and authorizing the posting of appropriate signs and designated penalty and enforcement authority.

Signed 07/25/1994
Utility Commission
Ordinance No. 11-26-90
The Town of Florence finds that ownership and operation of water, wastewater, electric and gas utilities by the Town is in the public interest.  To that end, the Town has long entrusted the management of its water, wastewater and electric utilities to an independent and non-partisan body, the Water and Light Commission of the Town of Florence.  This ordinance is intended to enlarge and recodify the powers of the Water and Light Commission and to rename the Commission as the Florence Utility Commission.

Signed 11/26/1990

Cross Connection Control
Ordinance No. 63
To provide a program for protecting the public water system from contamination
due to backflow of contaminants through the water service connection into the public water system

Signed 12/22/1980

Well Abandonment Ordinance
Ordinance No. 12-27-90
To prevent contamination of groundwater and to protect public health, safety and
welfare by assuring that unused, unsafe or noncomplying wells or wells which may serve as conduits for contamination or wells which may be illegally cross-connected to the municipal water system, are properly abandoned.

Signed  12/27/1990

Providing for Collection of Delinquent Utility Bills
Ordinance Number 10-25-99
The Board finds that failure to make payments to the Commission for Utility Service results in an unfair burden on Persons who do in fact pay for Utility Service.  In order to ease this burden, the Board desires to confer upon the Commission the broadest powers permitted by law to collect for unpaid Utility Service.  Pursuant to section 66.069(1)(bg) of the Statutes, the Board desires to authorize thee commission, among other remedies, to be able to use section 66.069(1)(b) of the Statutes to collect arrearages and further finds that pursuant to may 23, 1983 Ordinance Providing For Delinquent Utility Bills to Become A Lien Against the Real Estate Served, the Town is in compliance with section 66.069(1)(bg)2 of the Statues.

Signed 10/25/1999

Well Head Protection Ordinance for Wells Nos. 4 and 2
Ordinance No. 11-14-05
The users of the Florence Utility Commissions' water supply system depend exclusively on groundwater for a safe drinking water supply.  Certain land use practices and activities can seriously threaten or degrade groundwater quality.  The purpose of the WHPO-4 is to institute land use regulations and restrictions to protect the Florence Utility Commissions' municipal water supply and well fields, and to promote the public health, safety and general welfare of the residents of the Town of Florence.

This ordinance and these regulations are established pursuant to the authority granted to the Town by Wisconsin Statutes (s.60.61). Under these Statutes, the Town is granted authority to enact this ordinance, effective within the boundaries of the Town, to encourage the protection of groundwater resources.

Signed 11/14/2005

Well Head Protection Ordinance
Ordinance No. 07-12-93
The users of the Florence Utility Commission's water supply system depend exclusively on groundwater for a safe drinking water supply.  Certain land use practices and activities can seriously threaten or degrade groundwater quality.  The purpose of the WHPO is to institute land use regulations and restrictions to protect the Florence Utility's municipal water supply and well fields, and to promote the public health, safety and general welfare of the resident of the Town of Florence.

These regulations are established pursuant to the authority granted the Town by Wisconsin Statutes (s.60.61), which provides for groundwater protection in municipal planning and zoning.

Signed 07/12/1993
Voter Registration Requirement
Voter Registration Requirement
Ordinance No. 7-27-92

The Town Board of the Town of Florence has, by this ordinance, adopted mandatory voter registration for the Town of Florence.

Signed 07/02/1992
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Ordinance No.  04-11-11

An ordinance to establish requirements for the proper disposal of pet solid waste in the Town of Florence, Florence County, Wisconsin so as to protect public health, safety and welfare, and to prescribe penalties for failure to comply.

ADOPTED this 11 day of April, 2011.